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Kite Repair

All repairs will be subject to quote.

Send us few pictures of the damage and a general view with struts, batten or leading edge proximity to help us giving you a more precise quote. We will give you a fork price estimate to avoid surprises.

Tel: 403 431-3965  Franz

If you are satisfied with our quote, send us the kite.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  your kite must be very clean, rinsed without any salt or sand / dirt. A cleaning / drying fee will be apply if the kite is not clean ($20 to $45).

Shipping Options:

  • Canada Post:   Box 241, Banff, AB,  T1L1A4

  • UPS / Fedex :  Contact us for details

After receiving the kite, we will have a closer look and will confirm our estimate.

(Sometimes, photos doesn’t show damage close to struts or leading edge and need way more time and work to do a proper repair)

Repair cost estimating guideline:

  • Minimum flat fee: $20

  • Plus : Single rip minimum 2 cm away from leading edge, struts, batten, hooking points or other structural feature: $0.80 cad / cm

  • Any other damage leading edge, structural… will be discussed with you during the first estimate.

Depending on how busy is our shop; the repair should be done within few days. Payment will be requested before shipment back to you.

Payment options:

  • Cheque / cash

  • PayPal

  • E-transfer

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